Quiz Review for Chapters 1-3

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SWBAT cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text in a review of the first three chapters of the novel.

Big Idea

Testing Gatsby...One-two-three: Review of Chapters 1-3


The purpose of this lesson is to check for understanding to ensure that students have grasped the essential plot, symbolic, and character elements presented in the novel thus far.  I place students in groups or with a partner to complete a Chapter 1-3 Treasure Hunt.  This treasure hunt requires students to delve deep into the text to find answers.  It also prepares students for the quiz on the first three chapters of The Great Gatsby, which will be given the next day.

Secondly, I will administer a vocabulary test on the words related to the first half of the book.  A second unit of vocabulary will be given the following day.

Chapters 1-3 Treasure Hunt

20 minutes

Students may work with a partner or in a group to complete the attached Chapters 1-3 Treasure Hunt.  This activity requires students to recall many of the significant events and symbolic references mentioned in the first three chapters. 

Daily Language Practice

10 minutes

In this short section of the lesson, we do some grammatical review.  I call it the Daily Language Practice.  I put two sentences with grammatical mistakes on the projector or overhead.  The class writes the sentences on paper.  I then solicit the class to volunteer which errors they see.  This is a great activity to begin class.  It allows for a smooth segue to English class, and it offers a great review of grammar for the SATs.  I generally choose sentences that contain errors that are common on the SATs such as subject-verb agreement, parallelism, pronoun-antecedent agreement, problems with idioms, and tense changes.  Students generally are challenge mostly by errors in parallelism and pronoun-antecedent agreement.

SAT Question of the Day

10 minutes

To continue with SAT prep as I am encouraged by my department head, I consult with College Board to pull up the SAT Question of the Day.  I put the question on the overhead and as a whole-class discussion we look at clues within the questions to lead us to the correct answer.  We also discuss why the answer is correct.  Lastly, we look for strategies to help students find the correct answers.  The link below will lead to the question of the day.  It changes daily and it is sometimes math.  If the question is not ELA, I will go to a weekend date and search for an ELA question.




Gatsby Vocabulary Test, Part I

20 minutes

The attached is the vocabulary test related to The Great Gatsby.  The second set of words will be given the day after the test.  This test has been re-designed to be CCSS aligned.