Favorites Survey Part 2

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Students will be able to design, conduct, interpret and display surveys.

Big Idea

Surveys, graphing and community building!


Collecting and graphing real world data takes "real time."  We began this lesson in Favorite Surveys Part 1 with students discussing, collecting and sharing data as a whole class.

In Favorite Surveys Part 2, students created their own data collection charts students created a question, directions and a data collection chart.  Students will gather the data in this activity and create a final copy display showing their attention to precision and modeling with mathematics (MP4, 5, 6).


30 minutes

 After the introductory discussion each student opens their Math Journals to their data collection charts they had made the day before.  I remind the students they will be going around the room answering each person's survey question.  We discuss how to mark the Favorites Tally Charts - only one mark on each chart. In years past my students titled this a Table Tour. 

Before each student stands up and pushes their chair in (make sure to take your pencil with you), because I know the students will be excited I tell them "Yes you should be the first person to put a tally on your own data collection chart!"

They then go to the next seat and answer the question, not passing another student.  My students sit at tables of 4 that are numbered seat 1, 2, 3 and 4.  They will move to the next seat, in counting order, answering the questions.  When they have made it back to their seat the entire table moves to the next table but only after everyone at that table is done.  I keep close organization on the Table Tours at first, ringing a bell when each table is to move to the next one. If students are getting off task or misbehaving, I "Freeze Action! Roll the move backwards in your head."   After I say this I ask, "What did you see happening that does not help our classroom work together and learn?"  After a few times, the students are able to move from table to table without my direction or ringing the bell.  

When the students are back in their own seat, I ask them to total their tallies at the top of their charts.  Ex: if their are 7 tallies over steak as a favorite food they need to put a 7 at the top and circle it. 

Closing Student Reflection

3 minutes

After this activity I use Reflect Reflect 1, 2, 3.

I had the students write their reflections in their Math Journal so they would think about their behavior in an active class environment. 

Reflect 1

What did you learn about collecting data in this assignment?  Tallies usually do not total up to the number of students in the class.  It is a great discussion on how surveys are not always accurate. 

Reflect 2

Was your table group successful in appropriately touring the classroom?

Reflect 3

How did you help your group stay on task?  If you didn't what should you do to help the next time?