Assessment - Unit Assessment

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SWBAT show their level of mastery with skills taught by completing an assessment journal.

Big Idea

Student show their level of mastery on story elements, retelling, sequencing, character traits, character feelings, and central message.


60 minutes

I assessed students on concepts they have learned to date in the unit. I gave each student a teacher-selected text and assessment journal. They were given one hour to complete it.

Page 2 of the journal has a story web, which helped students write the retell on page 3. They were also assessed on comprehension, correct identification of the elements, and sequencing. Pages 4-6 assessed setting, sequencing, character analysis of behaviors and feeling, and central message. They were asked to cite evidence from the test to support their answers. Page 7 asked students to draw a picture of a character of their choice showing their feeling about a particular situation. This engaged a different learning modality and allowed students to be creative. I used Page 8 to score each concept.