Memoir Storyboarding

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SWBAT plan their writing while considering key ideas and intended audience by creating a visual rough draft through storyboarding.

Big Idea

What better way to begin the process of writing a memoir than to plan it out through pictures?


10 minutes

We will start class with reading time today, and then we will move directly to history before coming back to do the sections listed below. I owe my history partner some extra time from what he gave me on Wednesday, so we are going to be creative with order today to make sure he can teach what he needs to teach, so my portion of class time will be a little shorter than normal today. .

Memoir Assignment Overview

10 minutes

I will spend a brief amount of time explaining the assignment overview and rubric. I always make sure to read through important directions and have the students annotate their assignment sheet so that they have interacted with the instructions more than just glancing at them. Things I will make sure to highlight:

  • Due dates--they will be required to have a draft written for Tuesday's peer review workshop.
  • Process for submitting their finals drafts on is still a new tool for all of us, so I will make sure that they remember how to do this and invite them to see me with individual struggles with the website. As the CCSS require technology as a part of the writing process, this is one easy way we can meet a standard and provide a useful tool for the writing process (W.9-10.6).
  • Specific bits of content or style to include--as dichotomy is the big one, I will ask them to create a quick class list of dichotomies that they saw in Persepolis or the short memoirs from earlier in the week. I will list these on the board for reference during their individual work time.
  • The breakdown of points on the rubric--I want students to know how I will grade in advance of their writing process so they know what to spend brain power on.

Once I'm sure there are no major questions about what is required, I will give them time to brainstorm/work.

Memoir Storyboarding Work Time

20 minutes

Since the bulk of our memoir study has been with a graphic text, to help my students prepare their thoughts, I will hand out a storyboard sheet and ask them to use illustrations to help plan their writing (W.9-10.5).

The assignment sheet also has space to do some traditional listing of ideas, specifically about dichotomy, so if they want to start there, they can do that too/instead.

I want to make sure they have a solid chunk of time to work on this so that they have ideas in mind/something started before they leave my class for the weekend. I also want to be free to circulate the room to check in on their progress, answer questions and/or make sure they are focused in the right direction (W.9-10.10).

Wrap up and Next Steps

3 minutes

I will use whatever time is left to answer questions that benefit the whole group and review key requirements or ideas so that students who want to work on their memoirs can work over the weekend.