Mark Twain WebQuest

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SWBAT conduct research about Mark Twain and write responses to research questions.

Big Idea

Explore the Internet to learn about Mark Twain's childhood and hometown that inspired Tom Sawyer.


5 minutes

The introduction for this lesson is going to be a little different for everyone, based on the technology available to you.  In a nutshell, you need to give students access to the Word document WebQuest.  I upload it to my website and have students access it there.

I have my students write the answers to the questions on their own paper, but students could certainly create a document to email or print, if you have those capabilities.


Getting Down to Business

30 minutes

This lesson gives students a chance to do some guided, individual research online.  I have selected websites that give them an overview of Twain's life, his hometown, and what life was like during the years that Tom Sawyer is set. 

As students are completing this assignment, I will make may way around the lab to make sure everyone is on task and able to find the information required.  

Did They Get It?

2 minutes

I do collect their work at the end of the period and grade it as a formative assessment.  I like to read what they think the novel will be about based on what they have discovered through internet research.

For this lesson to be common-core aligned, it is important that they cite information found during the WebQuest in their prediction of what the novel will be about.