Class Novel Introduction -Cinder

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SWBAT determine and explain point of view of Cinder.

Big Idea

Students, meet Cinder. She's not your grandmother's Cinderella.

Warm Up

15 minutes

To get things going today, I want to start by introducing our new class book.  What the students do not know yet is that the book is the continuation of the story of Cinder in "Glitches". I actually use two videos to do this.  The "Cinder Video" focuses more on the story while the "Cinder Author Video" allows the author to give us details about where she got her ideas and inspiration. The videos reveal that this is a Science Fiction retelling of Cinderella.  Cinderella is a mechanic and a cyborg!  Just when you thought I'd loose the boys....

After viewing both videos and now knowing the connection to "Glitches" and Cinderella, students will write in their journals about what they predict will happen in Cinder. 

Independent Work

30 minutes

As writing time comes to a close, I get students setup with a book. Each table has a stack.  Each book is numbered and the numbers correspond to the seats at that table. I make sure each student has the correct book and explain that they are responsible for those books during class.  Also, should they get behind due to absence or any other reason, they may come by my classroom at the end of the day to check out their book for one night.

Now that we all have books I ask students to take a reading circle sheet from the caddy.  I explain to students that this is almost identical to the one they completed with "Glitches". (The graded "Glitches" Reading Circle sheet was returned while they wrote in their journals.  Notes on the sheet along with a grade indicate areas for improvement on a personal level.) I highlight a few areas of concern based on my grading of "Glitches".  For example, several students did not include quotations for section three, but simply identified a point of interest in the story. This is incorrect.  I emphasize the importance of following directions and using lots of textual evidence.

Finally, I read the Reading Circle directions and bring around post it pads for each table to share and remind them that they may also use their own paper for text coding..per the directions. I do emphasize the importance of page numbers as they will have to remove post its from the book at the ed of the period.

Finally, I explain that we are going to experience the story together daily in class by listening to the story on audio. I emphasize the importance of listening and following in the text but not getting so caught up that they forget to track their thinking by coding the story.

We will listen to chapter one today to get the story going.

Wrap Up

15 minutes

To end the day, I want to make students aware of how close science and technology are to what we see in Cinder. I'll show a video or two taken from author Marissa Meyer's site. Be sure to preview any of the Real World Technology videos before showing them.

Finally, I want students to end class by going back to their journal entry and adding to their predictions based on what they know now.