Introducing Reading Circles Part 2

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SWBAT use their textual evidence (reading circle sheets and text coding) to successfully complete a reading circle meeting discussing the short story "Glitches".

Big Idea

Learning to fly with textual discussion.

Warm Up

15 minutes

As the class enters the room they will be instructed to get their laptops, login and access Edmodo. After all students are on the site, they will take a short -Five question multiple choice -quiz checking their understanding of "Glitches". Students will be able to use their Reading Circle sheet, but not the story text.

Upon completion students will log out and prepare for their meeting.

The purpose of using a short quiz here is to allow me to gage their understanding BEFORE they meet with peers.  I use multiple choice questions for a variety of reasons (see one of my later lessons for multiple choice reflection - "Quiz Structure"), but here it allows me to focus my questioning on certain topics to check for understanding and misunderstanding.  Using Edmodo allow me to see circle graphs immediately that reveal student results.  See my previous lessons regarding using Edmodo for more information)

Reading Circle Meeting

35 minutes

This is the first time students have had a Reading Circle Meeting, so there will be ups and downs.  I'm sure I will need to interrupt and point out what is going well or not from time to time.  This day is about learning to fly.

So, first we will talk about what makes or breaks a good discussion.  We reviewed this when students completed their membership grid, but this is middle school folks.  They need to hear it again, so to help we'll use the acronym SLANT.

Sit up

Look at the person talking

Act like you care

Nod your head in acknowlegement

Take turns speaking


Next, I will simply remind them that they should have the text, their Reading Circle sheets and open ears. Before turning them lose to discuss, I'll instruct them to start at the top and work their way down.  

I will be circulating, listening and facilitating the discussion process.


Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up, I will bring the class back together and ask each table to identify one thing that stood out in their conversation...a "big idea".  Then, I'll go around again asking each table to tell me one thing that they can improve on for the next meeting. I'll record big ideas and areas for improvement on the SMART board to refer to next time.

Finally, I will ask students to put their Reading Circle sheets in a the caddy to "turn them in".