Introducing Reading Circles Part 1

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SWBAT prepare textual evidence with a reading circle sheet and text coding for a group meeting.

Big Idea

Handing over the control...step one.

Warm Up

5 minutes

Today, students start keeping a journal.  I've done this online and in notebooks.  The location doesn't matter so much, either will work.  What does matter is the accountability. So, you have to setup a plan for that early. Please see my reflection for a few thoughts on journals.

Today's entry:

Are all stories just recycled versions of old tales?  Some scholars believe there are about 20 basic plot lines and we use them over and over.  So, what do you think, are there any original stories or are we out of ideas?  Use evidence to support your response.

Guided to Independent Reading

45 minutes

After the warm up, I have students take two handouts from the caddy.  One is the text of "Glitches" a short story by Marissa Meyer and the other is the reading circles handout for "Glitches". Students do not know yet, but this story is a prequel to the novel we are starting in a few days.  Our novel is Cinder which is a futuristic Cinderella story. 

Although it is displayed on my wall, I also ask students to take out their text codes chart for reference during the assignment. (If you follow me here on Better Lesson you know that I introduced the use of text coding early in the year in this lesson.)

Next, I introduce students to the Reading Circle sheet by reading the directions and displaying a student paper from last year.  I point out the four sections and the directions for each and make note of sample student responses. I ask students to make a few notes on the sheet as we discuss important things to remember.  For example, section three is asking for passages taken from text which require quotation marks. Section one has several, "How do you know?" questions and page numbers are needed in the column on the left for anything taken directly from a page of text. I emphasize that this sheet allows for a lot of student choice and voice, but that doesn't mean you can be lax.  Points are deducted for infractions like leaving off quotation marks and page numbers or not answering the entire question.

I remind students to code the text as they read and then go back to complete the Reading Circle sheet.  If they coded well, it will be simple.

To get things started I will read the first three pages aloud stopping to mention codes I would include and model my thinking on the SMART board.  Then, I allow students to continue silently.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up this class, I would ask if anyone has questions about the reading or the assignment.

I would remind students that they need to finish this task at home.  I would also mention that they need to pay special attention to the notes I had them put on the Reading Circle sheet and be aware of the quiz tomorrow.  This will be their first true quiz grade.