Story Elements Introduction Part 2

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SWBAT apply knowledge of the connectedness of plot and story elements to a new version of Cinderella.

Big Idea

WARNING: culture shock ahead!

Warm Up

5 minutes

To open class today, I will revisit yesterday's lesson and display (at the beginning of the lesson powerpoint - shared in next lesson section) the correct plot diagram for Disney's Cinderella.

I will review the diagram and discuss key points like the climax. Students will check their plot diagram for accuracy.  If it is inaccurate, I ask students to correct it.  I want them to have a "good" example that we can refer back to going forward.


20 minutes

As we move from the warm up to the lesson, students will keep their plot diagram from the last class out on their desk.  

Next I ask students to take a copy of the Powerpoint for today from the caddy at their table.  Then, we walk through the attached powerpoint together, and review the story elements in reference to Cinderella.  I know my students have been taught this material before, so my goal is to refresh their minds so they can apply these terms to today's work.

*The powerpoint must be downloaded to be viewed correctly and fully.

Independent Work

25 minutes

As we transition to independent work, I ask students to take out a blank piece of paper and draw a large plot diagram horizontally across the page.  (As they generally forget, I remind them that they have one in front of them and should use it as an example.)

Next I deliver to each table their version of Cinderella.  Each student gets a copy.  I use the following versions:

Smoky Mountain Rose: The Appalachian Cinderella

Yeh-Shen: The Chinese Cinderella

Achenputtel (The Brothers Grimm)

The Egyptian Cinderella

The Rough Faced Girl (Native American)

Cinderella Skeleton (Modern Take)

I explain that their job today is to independently read their story and complete a plot diagram of ten events -as we used for Cinderella. I ask them to consider how the other elements that we reviewed today - setting and character in particular affect the story to make it unique.

I suggest that they read the entire story first.  Then, decide where the climax is and work from there.  I remind them and have them repeat that the "climax is closer to the....what?" They respond "end". 

Tomorrow they will work with others at their table to present their story/diagram.

I remind them that their plot diagram should be off-centered and walk around the room checking their work before they get too far. 

Silence ensues as the students always love these stories.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

For the last five minutes of class time, I ask students to discuss their plot diagram with others at their table because they will work together with the plot diagrams tomorrow.

I also point out that extra copies of the books may be checked out if they were unable to complete the plot diagram within the allotted time.  All plot diagrams must be complete for class tomorrow.