Great Storytellers In the Making! The Tribe Prepares to Share Native American Literature Day 4 of 5

Unit 1: Generational Stories, Favorites that are Retold, and Native American Unit
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: SWBAT read a piece of Native American literature, and then complete a retelling page including: genre, characters, setting, plot, problem, solution, and author's lesson. SWBAT give evidence through key details in the text to support the author's lesson.

Big Idea: The students get to choose from a wide variety of Native American stories. They read, complete a retelling sheet, author's lesson sheet, and prepare to present in front of the tribe.

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English / Language Arts, Native American literature, Literature, oral traditions, Reading, setting (Creative Writing), third grade, Retell, grade 3, retelling, folktale, Grade, grade three, third, storytelling, American, generational stories, tribe, Native, generational literature, multicultural, culture, plot, Native American
  60 minutes
recounting retelling with google forms
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