Understanding Genre

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SWBAT use text evidence to correctly identify the genre of a given book in order to understand the different categories of reading material available.

Big Idea

Classifying to Understand...isn't that Science Class?

Warm Up

5 minutes

The warm up today requires students to have a library book.  My students have already visited the library and are required to have book with them in all classes.  

I will ask students to turn to a neighbor and tell them the title and genre of the book they are reading.  Some students will be able to do this accurately, however, several may not be able to and this is what leads into our discussion for the day.

Then, I will ask students to think about how classification is used in Science and consider how that can help them in book choice and comprehension. We will briefly discuss this and that will bring the class to the powerpoint for the lesson.


35 minutes

During this lesson, I will follow the attached powerpoint downloaded from Authorstream and edited for my purposes.

As I review the different genres within the Powerpoint, I will ask students to hold their library book up if it fits that particular genre.  I will point out how understanding the genre of a book helps us comprehend the book itself.  For example, knowing that a book is Science Fiction helps me understand the choices characters may make that do not seem logical in today's world. Perhaps the character has a skill or tool that is only available in the future.

*The powerpoint must be downloaded to be viewed correctly and fully.


Wrap Up

10 minutes

To wrap up this lesson students will identify the genre of Thank You, Mr. Falker which the entire class read in a previous lesson. As we discussion I will hint that while most automatically assume that the children's book is fiction it is not.  Then, working together (using the copies they have from a previous class) we will identify explicit evidence from the text that prove that the book is actually an autobiography.  

Finally, I will ask students to complete a brief exit slip requiring them to revisit the genre of the book they discussed at the beginning of the period (their library book). This time I will ask them to provide evidence that their book is the genre they have identified.