Implementing Classroom Rules and Procedures

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SWBAT use classroom rules and procedures appropriately.

Big Idea

"Good fences make good neighbors."

Warm Up

5 minutes

For the warm up today, we will visit the agenda on the board.  This is the second day of school….time to start setting up routines.  

Routine 1 -Students should be getting information from the agenda as soon as they enter the classroom. The agenda is simply an organizational tool for both me and my students.  I post mine on the SMART board using a powerpoint presentation.  It includes announcements, reminders and what we are doing each day.

Please view the attached video to learn more about my agendas.

One of the best things about my agenda today is that I store it in my Google Drive and provide a link from my blog to the powerpoint. So, my students always have a connection. What did we do in class? Check the agenda...


35 minutes

During the lesson, students take a handout from the caddy at their table. The handout is a list of classroom rules and procedures.  Please see the attachment for my list.  This day is a very simple "setting the tone" day.  We review each item on the list, discuss why there is a need for each and even practice use of a few of the procedures. My goal is to have a collaborative discussion where they both voice their thoughts about and see the need for the rules and procedures given. I find that there is a huge difference in student expectations and responsibilities from 6th grade to 7th grade, so I have to build an understanding of the changes in what they may have been use to in years past.

During this conversation, I designate who (or better yet what seat in the classroom) is to open the door for a visitor and answer the classroom phone (and possibly take a message).  Two chairs are "job" chairs.  We discuss use of the materials in the caddy and several other items as they arise.

Additionally, since the classroom library is addressed in the procedures, I allow a few students to visit the classroom library if time allows.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

During wrap up, I will post the Robert Frost quote on the board "Good fences make good neighbors".  I will ask students to do a quick write about what they think this quote means.  After a brief share out of ideas and clarification, I will ask students to consider -if they are a learning community - how the classroom rules and procedures function as the "fences" needed to "make good neighbors" in our classroom. This helps me begin building our classroom community of learners.

Finally, our last few minutes includes a visit with the binder.  Students were told in team information that they are to have a binder with tab dividers for each class.  I ask students to place the classroom rules and procedures in that section and check to insure they have it as such.