Pick a Card- Any Card!!! (Review Activity and Summative Assessment)

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SWBAT answer questions about QAR and good reader strategies and use that knowledge to successfully complete their summative assessment.

Big Idea

Being intimately familiar with good reader strategies and the concept of QAR is an effective way to build students' comprehension skills.

Pick a Card!! Any Card!! (Review Activity Instructions)

45 minutes

**Before this lesson occurs in the classroom, you will need to print out the document in the resource section and glue the boxes onto large index cards.  You will need to make enough cards to match the number of groups you have in your classroom.  It is important to to have the answers written on the back because this review activity can be implemented using either side of the cards.**

Quickly review good reader strategies and QAR one more time with students.  Then you can explain the rules of "Fan n Pick".  (Kagana and Kagan, 2009).

Fan n Pick is a Kagan structure that uses four people in a group to review a concept. Person 1 fans the cards, Person 2 picks a card and reads it, Person 3 answers the card, and Person 4 determines if the Person 3 was correct or not.  Add a dollar store microphone to each group to get them into the activity.  "Pick a card, any card!!"

This activity can continue as long as you would like because A.) the questions keep getting mixed into the bunch and B.) if students hear the same question over and over it really doesn't matter.  

I leave these cards in my students' supply buckets at their tables and they pull them out for morning work, dismissal work- any time we have spare time.  

Summative Assessment

30 minutes

Now it's time for all of my Smarties to show me what they know.  I remind the students that their Interactive Student Notebook will help them if they get confused about QAR.  I hand out the summative assessment on poison dart frogs and allow students time to complete. 

It should be said here that when making the summative assessment, I was careful to use question stems the students had seen and kept the questions in the same format as their other assignments to keep a certain comfort level for students that will foster success on their assessment.  

I also chose to keep the assessment somewhat short since it is still the beginning of the year and their stamina isn't what it will be at the end of the year.  Additionally, I did not put any On My Own questions on the assessment because, as I told the students, there will not be any of those on their standardized test and they already have those mastered as everyone LOVES to give their opinion!!