Got zeros? Polynomials do! Multiplicity of Zeros (Day 3 of 3)

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SWBAT• Determine the degree of the polynomial functions and the effect the degree has upon the end behavior of the functions. • Write possible equations for a polynomial function, given information about its zeros. • Write the equations in factored form, given the graphs of three functions.

Big Idea

Using Nspire Calculators, students investigate the relationships of polynomial functions, their degree, end behaviors, zeros and x-intercepts.


5 minutes

To warm-up students’ brains today and get them back focused on today’s task, review their new learning about zeros of a function with the clicker question on page 2 of the flipchart - Multiplicity of Zeros Day 3(p. 1-2).

Calculator Investigation: Multiplicity of Zeros

30 minutes

Students should continue their work on the Student Handout - Multiplicity_of_Zeros_of_Functions.

It is important that students are able to accurately answer question 6 before they will be able to identify the relationship between the x-intercepts/zeros and the factored form of a polynomial and write the factored form of the polynomial equation from a graph (and thus meet the learning target!) So as students are working today I will be checking their answers to that question. If students ask for help on this question or have the incorrect answer, I will take them all the way back to question 3 and 4 to insure there is a correct answer there as these two questions build to develop the understandings of the connection between factors and zeros and the connection between factors with exponents and the graph, which is needed for question 6.


5 minutes

To wrap up and help students solidify the understandings they were supposed to pull from this lesson have students answer the Clicker Questions on pages 3-5 of the flipchart. I am going to have students work independently on these questions so I can assess the current progress of individual students so far.


1 minutes

Assign worksheet #4 from this unit for Homework.