Blogging about Your Initial Research Interests (aka. Editorial Topic)

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SWBAT compose their first blog entry for their web-based Research Notebooks.

Big Idea

... writing for the web is a ubiquitous skill ...

Introduction and Context

12 minutes

Now that you have located and "filed" some interesting editorials (aka. your table of editorials), it is time to think about what you will write your own editorial about.  Remember that an editorial often follows a "straight" news story -- that is it is an opinion (sometimes of a newspaper's staff itself) regarding the meaning of a news item or story. 

Today, you are going to think about this relationship, develop an idea for what you may want to write, and post a short "draft" thesis or claim to My Research Blog.

Before we get started let's think about this relationship with one current example:

here's (1) a recent story about the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins (of the NFL)and here's (2) an opinion about the context of the news story ...

After we read though and briefly discuss these pieces from The Washington Post, we will look at the opinions we have collected thus far ...



Review of Content: Your Selected Editorials

18 minutes

Now, log in to Google Drive and find your editorial table.  After you review all of the links and notes you added the other day to this table, then write down three ideas (on a slip of paper or in a new doc) that you MIGHT want to pursue for your editorial.

I will give you several minutes to reflect on your self-chosen models and think of three topics/concepts/ideas that you wish to explore ...

Guided Practice: Writing Your First Blog Entry

15 minutes

Now, using your rudimentary "pre-writing" of three possible topics, pick only ONE.  Pick the one that "jumps out at you" -- the one that probably has the most meaning or holds your interest the best.  What of these three, would you care to investigate further?

Hey, at this point it is ok to simply pick -- this is why you have three to choose from!  I can help you redirect if need be.

When you are ready open your Notebook Site, click on the link to My Research Blog, and click to "add new post."  Carefully consider your title -- this should be "catchy" and more like an ad tagline than a newspaper headline.  [I don't elaborate more about this point here, as I cover it extensively in a future lesson.].  Type your title.  I will circulate around the room to check on your progress.  Do not forget to post/submit when you are done!

Now, answer this prompt int he body of your blog post/submission:

What will your editorial focus on? Why did you choose this topic/issue? What are the best supports for your argument you have found so far? What notable opposition is there to your argument?