More Mystery: Shakespeare's Secret

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SWBAT work together in "Book Club" groups to discuss the mystery and its components.

Big Idea

We will be digging into the meat of the novel "Shakespeare's Secret" by Elise Broach, book club style!


Lesson Opener

15 minutes

Our school has the book "Tuesday" on our iPads as an e-book.  For this lesson opener, we will partner up and share the ipads and we "read" (there is very little text in this book) and analyze the illustrations from the book "Tuesday" by David Wiesner.

Could this book be considered a mystery? Why or why not?"

"What could have caused this event to occur?"

"Do you think this happens every night or was this a one-time occurrence?"

"Look at the last page.  From this picture and from the previous pictures, what can you guess will happen next Tuesday?"


Tuesday by David Wiesner 

Wiesner, D. (1991). Tuesday. New York, NY : Clarion Books

Lesson Project

45 minutes

Yesterday we read the first 3 chapters in class and then I assigned them to read Chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7 on their own.  

Today we will hold  group discussions, book club style, about the chapters we read yesterday.

I will divide the students into small groups of about six students where they will discuss what they've read so far in the novel. They will also look over the literature circle questions written in the back of the book and answer the ones that they can so far. (See lesson 2 of this unit for how I work the book club groups.)

Together as a class we will read chapters 8, 9, 10, and 11 in the in class and then I will assign the students to read chapters 12, 13, and 14 on their own tonight at home. (I only had a few students who did not 

complete the at-home reading assignment yesterday out of 48 students.)

I will encourage the students to fill in the detective academy handbooks as they read and find clues.  


Shakespeare's Secret by Elise Broach

Broach, E. (2005). Shakespeare's Secret. New York, NY : Scholastic Inc.


Lesson Closer

10 minutes

Detective Academy Debriefing:

I will call all the detectives back together and as a whole group we will talk about some of the things that the groups discussed earlier in their book club  groups. I will have each group share ideas and thoughts they have, share any questions they have, and discuss clues they have found thus far.