What Fraction is That? Fraction Circles

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The students will be able to identify the fractional part of a whole

Big Idea

Keep it simple sweetie to get the big picture - fractions

Diving in to Dividing Up Fractions Circles

30 minutes

Once your students have an understanding of parts of a whole and parts of a set start with fractions circles.  If you don’t have the plastic manipulatives you can search for them online to print off and have your students cut them out – putting them into an envelope glued into their folder or journals. I've included some I've found online - Fraction Circle Template

I always start by having my students check that every piece is in the bag –start with the one whole piece, stack the ½ on top then the 1/3s and so forth.  This helps make sure all the pieces are there but also gives the student time to “play” with the manipulatives so they will use them as tools and not toys later on.  The next step is to sketch, not trace, all of the fraction circles from the 1 whole to the 12/12ths on their fraction folder, labeling each drawing Student Work.  Before they begin be sure to tell them to make a plan of where all the circle s should go and that there is enough room for all 12.

 As the students are working I am walking around asking "What fraction is this?  How many of them do you need to make a whole circle? How do you know this?"

By the end of the drawing students will have an understanding that the 7ths circle has 7 pieces in it.  My set of fraction manipulatives does not have 1/7ths, 1/9ths or 1/12ths but I still have the students draw the circles.  This reinforces Math Practice 8 where student look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

What Fraction Is That - Worksheet

10 minutes

This handout I created from an old math program called Mathland by Creative Publications.  The guidebook I took this from is no longer in publication, but when I looked it up there were some used copies for sale.   I love this program because it used manipulatives for all the lessons and integrated writing into the lessons. I reinforce the ELA standards of writing W.5.2.b.

Develop the topic with facts, definitions, concrete details, quotations, or other information and examples related to the topic.  When my students answer the questions on the worksheet I have them write part of the question in their answer and talk about how this adds details and quotations to their work. 

Student Reflection

5 minutes

Once students have completed the handout, they share answers to the handout questions with time and conversation to reflection as they share thinking. The focus should be on the creative ideas and answers students have.

Additional reflection questions should include questions about behavior or positive participation.