Little Librarians: teaching students to nurture books the same way you do

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SWBAT return books to the classroom library in the correct place and the correct way so that the library will stay neat and organized and books will stay in good shape.

Big Idea

Treating classroom books with the love and respect that they deserve.


15 minutes

(Begin by posing the following question to your students: What does a librarian do?)  Today, you will all become librarians and work as a team to keep our books organized and in good condition.

Connection – Boys and girls, yesterday you learned all about our routine for Reader’s Workshop.  Each day you will get 5 minutes of prep time to choose or exchange books, find your perfect spot, and use the bathroom before Countdown. Just a reminder that once Countdown ends, you are expected to stay in your spot for the entire Independent Reading time.  Use that time to lose yourself in a great book!

Teaching Point - Today, you will learn to be little librarians. Librarians love and nurture books so that they can enjoy them over and over again. Since we all share our classroom library, let’s brainstorm some ways that we can organize and care for the books so that everyone can enjoy them. (Show the anchor chart labeled “Librarians: Taking care of Our Classroom Library” and tell students that you will create the rules together.)

Active Engagement - I would like you to take 2 minutes of quiet thinking time to come up rules that we should have to take care of our library. (Pause for 2 minutes.) Now turn and talk with your neighbor to tell them your ideas. (Allow students time to turn and talk, then call on a few to share. Write their suggestions on the chart. The following are suggested rules for the chart that hopefully students will mention: Make sure to put books back where they belong – by genre/author/series, etc., if you are unsure where a book belongs then turn it in to the Librarian Bin and our class helpers will sort them, make sure the spine of a book is facing out so students can see what it is, keep bookshelves neat and organized, pick up any books that are laying on the ground so they do not get damaged.)

Link to Ongoing Work - Let's give this a try today. When Prep Time begins, feel free to exchange some of the books you chose yesterday. Make sure you follow all of the rules that we agreed on as a team.  Remember that you should have 5 books in your browsing box at all times so you will never run out of reading material during Independent Reading time. I will be looking for students that are following our rules and routines and those students might earn a reward. 

Guided Practice

20 minutes

(During Prep Time, watch to see how students follow the rules for the library. Quietly praise or reward students that are meeting expectations and make adjustments for students that could do better. Modeling the correct way to put books back is helpful for those students. Once you've done the countdown to silence - 5,4,3,2,1 SILENCE- students should be reading silently in their spots. The classroom library should look neat and organized. If not, leave things as they are so students can reflect on how it looks during the closing.)


5 minutes

(Once independent reading time is over, instruct students to put their book nooks and browsing boxes away and gather at the carpet.)  Ok little librarians, take a look at our classroom library. What do you notice? Let's talk about some things that went well and some things we can work on next time. (Refer to the anchor chart that was made earlier). Tomorrow, we will be working on building our reading stamina so we can enjoy those great books for a longer period of time.