Creating Couplets

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SWBAT read, understand, and create a poem using couplets.

Big Idea

Published we come!!! In this unit students will be learning about and creating poems which we will compile and publish in a hardbound book. In this lesson we create poems using couplets.


Lesson Opener

10 minutes

For the lesson opener today, we will view the videos created yesterday by the students about their chosen type of poetry.  I compiled a PowerPoint of the videos made by the students and we will go over those today this will be a good review of the types of poetry that we learned yesterday.

Group Project

15 minutes

Today I will pass out the poetry booklets that will help the kids in writing their poetry and will assist them in writing their poetry for the hardbound books we are putting together. This booklet is found in the resources.


We will look over the table of contents so that students can see all the different types of poetry will be working on. Then we will start with the couplet section.  We will read through the instructions as a class and then together as a class we will write a couplet form so that the students can see the writing process for creating a couplet poem.

Individual Project

20 minutes

After we have created our class poem, I will then give students time to create their own couplet poem.  As the students are working I will walk around helping those who need ideas or need help with rhyming words etc. Those who finish quickly I will challenge to write another couplet poem.  

I always have the kids during writing time keep what we call a level 0 voice.  level 0 means that there is no voice at all.  It is quiet work time. I feel strongly that when students are asked to write, the environment needs to be one where they can think and not be distracted. Most of the time I encourage collaboration in my classroom, so a level 0 voice is not expected all the time.

Lesson Closer

10 minutes

To wrap up our lesson, I will allow students who would like to share their poems to do just that. we have a castle theme in my classroom this year, so when I have the students share their writing they share from our royal reader thrown.  It gets kids excited about sharing their work.