QAR Cheat Sheet: Building Comprehension Through Question Analysis (Right Side)

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SWBAT to name, define and create questions of each QAR type.

Big Idea

Using QAR will be another tool in the toolbox to help students decide if and how they need to use the text to help them answer a question.

QAR Review Gameshow

10 minutes

As soon as students enter the classroom, they should see the Smartboard tuned in to the review game.  

Using my dollar store microphone, I welcome them to the QAR Review Gameshow.  Some very lucky students will be chosen today to participate in the wildly popular new gameshow that involves matching QAR facts to a spinning vortex.  Get your answer wrong and it will come flying back at you, but get your answer correct and the knowledge stays in your head forever!!!

This can be played multiple times since all students will want a turn.  I only play twice and promise that if students didn't get a turn, they will be first next time.  


Right Side Activity

40 minutes

After the excitement of the game has died down and everyone has been congratulated on a great job, tell students they are going to complete a right side activity.  Remind them that this is the day they'll get to be creative and make things their own.

Pass out the short text located in the resources for this section.  Have students cut around the text and glue it onto the top half of their right side.  Below the text, have students divide the bottom page into 4 equal sections using a giant plus sign.  (easiest way to get four sections) 

At this point, I want students to draw the four boxes to help commit the information to memory- to make it their own.  If I were to give them another table, they would merely be filling in blanks, but making their own makes it their own.  

In the top left and bottom left section, students should write "In the Book" and in the top right and bottom right sections, students should write "In My Head".

Explain to students that they are going to read the text and write their own questions. Display the cheat sheet (found in the resources) for students to begin writing their own questions.  

See Video for differentiation ideas.

Walk around the room and monitor their question writing.  When students finish up the question writing, it will be time to move to the next part- Mix Pair Share.  (Kagan and Kagan, 2009) (See resources for explanation of Mix Pair Share)

This mix pair share should last four rounds so each student asks all of their questions and gets feedback on whether or not the questions were placed in the correct boxes.

After the four rounds, students should have four correct QAR questions based off a piece of text they read.

Lesson Wrap Up

10 minutes

For this lesson wrap up, students should have returned to their seats with their notebooks out. Display your Interactive Student Notebook on the ELMO and call out questions you came up with for the same text.  Have students vote (I love this strategy- as a formative assessment) to see which box your questions (included in resource section) should go in.

For voting, I use fingers- 1 for In the Book, 2 for In My Head 

Randomly call on students to explain why they voted the way they did and then place your questions in your notebook in the correct boxes.