Concentration Statistics

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SWBAT apply mathematical skills to successfully complete statistical challenges.

Big Idea

Use games to fill those odd days before break or during homecoming week with meaningful mathematical activities.

Rules and Materials

5 minutes

This game is played like the card game "Concentration" and allows students to practice the vocabulary and formulas relating to statistics.  If I'm using this as a quick review at the end of the unit, I just let my students play the game, but if it's been a while since the statistics unit I begin class by having my students brainstorm and post all the vocabulary words and formulas they can remember from statistics on the front board.  When they've posted all they can recall, we do a brief class review of statistics before beginning the game.


Game On!

45 minutes

I print the game cards for this activity on cardstock and laminate them before cutting them out, but you can use whatever works best for you and your students.  The cards are in matched pairs from right to left, with a total of twelve pairs. I let my students chose their partner  because I haven't found an advantage to pairing students either hetero- or homogeneously for this activity.  I believe that this is because the vocabulary of statistics is relatively difficult for all my students.  After reviewing the rules and telling them that they should be prepared to use their notes and textbooks as the first method for solving disputes (before asking me to arbitrate!) I let them begin the game. (MP1, MP6) As they're playing, I walk around observing and answering questions as appropriate.  When there are only about ten minutes left in class I advise my students to finish the game they're on and prepare for the wrap up.

Wrap It Up

5 minutes

As I give students a "time remaining for the class" I'll distribute notecards and explain the exit ticket they can begin writing as they finish up their games and return the cards. 

Their exit ticket today is to write a facebook-like post with advice for a classmate who is struggling with all these statistical terms. (MP2, MP6) The post should offer concrete suggestions for how to understand and retain the information in today's lesson.