Middle of Unit Assessment

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SWBAT generalize place value understanding of multi-digit whole numbers through an assessment.

Big Idea

In this lesson, students complete an independent assessment in order to show proficiency with place value skills and rounding.

Warm Up

3 minutes

For this warm up, I build my students confidence by teaching them a poem my 6th grade teacher taught me. It goes like this: 

Yippee Skippy today's the test

I have worked hard and got lots of rest

Now's the time to do my BEST

Yippee Skippy today's the test!


My students love learning that I learned this poem when I was a student and used it throughout my school career as positive self talk.  Self reflection and positive self talk are important aspects of implementing common core standards. Students are expected to take ownership of their learning. One part of that is creating a classroom climate where this is expected and the norm. One simple way I do this is through this poem. We use it for every assessment. 

Concept Development - QUIZ

40 minutes

In order for students to have enough time to finish the assessment, I instruct them to begin the quiz right away. I briefly go through the directions with all students and then circulate around the room as they work.

Click here  to access the assessment. 

For this assessment many students were raising hands asking questions. Many of my students asked questions like "What do I do?"  Many are also very used to procedure only quizzes and assessments.  This is a very different type of quiz for many of my students. In order to be successful on this quiz, students must show their knowledge and skills, not simply perform a calculation or fill in a bubble. This will take some time for my students to get used to, but I am confident they will get better each time.

I was surprised at how many questions they had and their lack of perseverance during the assessment.