Quiz: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, & Dividing Decimals

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Students will be able to successfully complete an assessment that will determine how well they have retained information taught in previous lessons.

Big Idea

Time For A Check Up!: Assessing our progress in calculating with decimals.

Assessment Purpose

5 minutes

Students will complete the first quiz for Unit 1. This quiz focuses on standard NS.1 (dividing whole numbers with two digit divisors) and NS.3 (calculating with decimals using all four operations). This quiz will serve as a guide to inform me as to how to set up flexible group activities tomorrow for the purpose of clearing misconceptions and properly preparing students for the upcoming Unit 1 test.

Assessment Information & Administration

30 minutes

Because today the students will be taking a quiz, I will simply go over the testing/quizzing protocol. At this time, I will take the time to ensure that students know and successfully execute the norms for test/quiz taking.

  • All students must be quiet
  • All students must be honorable (no cheating)
  • Cheating policy – If you cheat you fail.
  • You may not leave your seat without permission
  • You must choose a quiet activity to engage in, should you finish early. These activities will be provided by me (read, challenge worksheet, or study vocabulary)
  • No sharpening pencils during a quiz or test


This assessment contains 11 multiple choice questions in total. For this reason, students will be given approximately 25 minutes to complete this quiz. 2 minutes question and 3 minutes to account for those who have come unprepared and need a pencil or paper... etc.


Assessment Results

35 minutes

Once the 25 minute time frame for this quiz is over, I will have my students exchange papers and I will provide answers for grading. This will give students immediate feedback on their performance on this quiz and allow them an opportunity to ask question about those questions that they struggled with. The students will then be given time and opportunity to discuss why certain concepts are such a struggle. I will guide my students through each of the questions. I will also record the number of questions missed for each student.


To set up for this, all pencils will have to be put away, and I will pass out red marking pens or pencils for grading purposes. The student doing the grading, will write their name at the bottom of the paper that they are grading for accountability purposes. Then grading will commence. After we finish grading, I will ask for the number correct from each paper. Then, the papers will be returned to their owners.


The returning of the papers provides students with immediate feedback. Using this feedback, the students will take their quiz home and correct any mistakes that they made and return the quiz the following day to receive a higher grade based upon their corrections. Allowing them to do this will cut down on the urge to cheat while or after grading and it will also encourage students to study.