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SWBAT to practice a variety of problems on exponents

Big Idea

Students need exposure to a wide variety of exponent problems to test their understanding of the topic


60 minutes

This type of lesson does not follow the typical format of my class. Instead of having a start up, investigation and summary, the students pick their table based on how well they are feeling about exponents. They can choose partners and groups that they feel most comfortable working with and then begin this list of questions:  

Exponent Fluency Pack

I circulate and help the group all at once. So I encourage them to sit with someone that might have the same questions at the same time. The idea is that if I am talking to one person at your table, then I am talking to all of you. 

At the end of class I give them the answers and have students show a few problems, but they submit their work to me (graded by them) and then I rearrange the students in the next class to sit in groups with at least one expert at each table. The expert is the person who can help on all the questions. I let everyone know who the experts are and coach them on how to teach the group. I like to give them chart paper or white board space and have them each lead the group discussion. It sounds complicated but when students are encouraged to fill the role of a teacher, they really do well. Its great to observe the students act as teachers. The fluency pack is really challenging for some students and this is meant as an alternative way to review the content (alternative to me being the teacher).