Write an Opinion Text of Your Own Rules for Survival Using the book Bud, Not Buddy as a Guide

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SWBAT develop their own "Rules for Survival," noting advantages and disadvantages and using those in Bud, Not Buddy as a guide.

Big Idea

In order to practice writing in a variety of modes and in response to literature, students will develop their own "Rules for Survival" using those in Bud, Not Buddy as a guide. Students will not only create their own rules, but also evaluate them.


1 minutes

Guided Practice

15 minutes

Today, I inform my scholars that we will continue our discussion of the book Bud, Not Buddy.  I tell them that in the book Bud, Not Buddy, the main character Bud created 328 Rules for Survival.  We'll examine and evaluate some of Bud's Rules for Survival.  Survival is one of the themes present in Bud, Not Buddy.  A theme is simply a recurring big idea in a story.  We look at a list of some of Bud's Rules of Survival and evaluate some advantages and disadvantages of these rules (see attached resource).  Advantages are simply how the rule benefits or is good for Bud.  I explain to my scholars, when listing advantages, consider why Bud may have created a rule and how it helps him to survive in the world.  Disadvantages are simply how the rule is harmful or bad for Bud.

Independent Practice

21 minutes

Now, it's my students' turn to create their own Rules for Survival on the graphic organizer I provided.  I ask them to please give their rule a number, list the rule, along with advantages and disadvantages of the rule.  I tell them they will have 20 minutes to do this and then we'll come back together to share some of their Rules for Survival.

Group Discussion

21 minutes

During this portion of the lesson, I allow my scholars to take turns and share one of their Rules for Survival and as a whole class discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the rules.  Doing the group discussion allows my students to see the value of multiple perspectives and see which of their peers have similar or different ideas as they do relative to Rules for Survival.


2 minutes

To close our lesson, I ask my scholars who can tell me the definition of a theme?  What is a recurring theme in Bud, Not Buddy that we discussed today?  The highest of Bud's rule numbers is 328.  Now, based on your own experience today creating Rules for Survival, why do you think Bud created hundreds of these Rules for Survival?

Homework:  Read chapters 15 - 17 in Bud, Not Buddy.

(Please be sure to continue the Bud, Not Buddy two week unit with the next lesson - What's Up With All That Jazz - Write a Song or Poem to Explain the Text Bud, Not Buddy.