Inventory Testing

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SWBAT identify a variety of resources they can use to get help with this class. Students will understand the purpose of an inventory assessment.

Big Idea

Assessments are a part of schooling. Let's plan an inventory test early so that we can see where students are and guide them to get extra help if needed.

Lesson Open

5 minutes

Today's warm-up prompt asks students to explain what assessments are and why they are part of school.  This gives me an opportunity to explain the purpose of the assessment students are about to take, which is to see where students are and identify those who might need additional help this year. 

The lesson opener follows our Team Warm-up routine.  I display the prompt using the slideshow for the lesson.


Following the warm-up, I display the agenda and learning targets for today's lesson.  Today, we are going to take an inventory test to see where our arithmetic and algebra skills are.  This test will not go into the gradebook, but I will use it to identify students who may need extra support this year.

I briefly go over some of the resources which are available to students at our school.  I encourage students who think they will need extra help in Geometry to consider enrolling in the Response-to-Intervention Geometry course, which gives students additional time to work on the concepts and skills we will be learning in Geometry as well as an opportunity to work toward personal learning goals in mathematics.  I am also available to provide one-on-one instruction most days after school.  


Lesson Close and Homework

4 minutes

Individual Size-Up

The lesson close follows our Individual Size-Up Routine.  The prompt asks students to name at least two different ways they can get help with this course.


Homework Set 2 problem #25 provides practice in vocabulary and geometric notation.  Problem #26 is a modeling problem: the emphasis should be in how well students explain their choice of model.  Problem #27 is practice in constructions: constructing a triangle using three given sides.