Who Are You? - A Character Analysis

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SWBAT to identify character traits by analyzing a character's actions in the story.

Big Idea

Students revisit the story of Mulan and determine what type of person she is. They will rely on her actions based on details in the story.

Do Now

15 minutes

I explained to students that character traits describe how a character looks and behaves. I told them we're going to look at how a character behaves in order to determine the type of person he/she is. I did a Think Aloud on determining character traits by citing evidence from the text. During the Think Aloud,  I modeled writing the traits and text evidence on a t-chart displayed on chart paper.

After modeling, I guided students through analyzing Lilly from Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, a book we had read previously. I purposely chose previously read texts because students were familiar with the characters. It also enabled them to focus on applying the skill versus decoding and comprehending a new text.

Independent Practice

45 minutes

For independent practice, students fill out the blank GO on the other side of their paper. (They were able to refer to the completed organizer on the other side as a model.) Working in pairs, they had to identify 4-6 character traits for Mulan citing evidence from the text. I circulated around the room as students worked and provided assistance as needed.


10 minutes

I wrapped up the lesson by having students complete a character traits SmartBoard activity. The activity was interactive, self-correcting, and helped students review the character traits of a particular character.