Spatial Patterns for 0-5

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SWBAT match dot patterns and ten frame patterns to their appropriate number.

Big Idea

MAKE THEIR NAME COUNT! Students are going to love using the letters in their first name to build number sense. Spatial pattern knowledge assists students in building fluency with counting. Ten frames are used in higher math concepts.

Rev Them Up

5 minutes

Need:  The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi, yellow and red counter chips, copies of the Name Plate Worksheet, and a Smart Board.

If you do not have a Smart Board, you can draw a ten frame on your chalkboard and use it to present examples. 

I will begin this lesson by reading the book, The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi to my class. Check the resource section for a picture of the cover.  It is a wonderful picture book about a little girl just arrived in America and she is scared to share her Korean name with her new classmates. Her classmates try to help her out by creating a name jar with lots of names to pick from.  Eventually her love for her heritage wins and she makes a new friend.

Whole Group Interaction

20 minutes

Counting tells how many are in a set.  I want my students to develop one-to-one correspondence with numbers less than ten because it will assist them with higher numbers as we learn to count to 120 this year. (1.NBT.A.1). This is a structure I need my students to notice to have better counting skills and to reinforce their one-to-one correspondence. (MP7). 

After sharing the book, I will open up the Name Plate worksheet on the Smart Board and use several of the names in the book as examples for the ten frame activity.  I will begin with Unhei' s name and write one letter per box. After we write her name, I will use red and yellow ink on the board to draw red counters.  Then I will have my students count how many letters (counters) with me and we will fill in the rest of the worksheet. I want them to get use to seeing counters and using them on a ten frame because we will use them several times for future lessons.

In addition to Unhei, I will use Jennifer, Daisy, Nate, Ralph, Tom and Ed. 

Each time I will clear the ink on the Smart Board and start over with a new name from the above list and have them help me count how many letters in each name on the ten frame.

If you know you will have a student that when they plot their name, it will go over ten letters, you may want to prepare them now for what ten and more is. Go here and read my lesson on ten and more.

Independent Practice

10 minutes

I will have my students use the Name Plate worksheet to plot their first name. I will have them cover each letter with a counter and count how many letters long is their name. Then they will complete the sentences at the bottom of the page.  When they have finished with their name I will allow them to move around the room and pick a friend's name.  I will tell my students that I am going to count to 5 and when I finish they have to be at a new desk.  They will be able to copy their friends name from their nameplate on their desk.  Then they will follow the same process with the counters and counting how many letters and solving the sentences at the bottom.  After it is complete, they can turn their paper over and illustrate their name on the back. Check the resource section for a picture of the counters I will use and the worksheet. Also, watch the videos of my students completing their name frames.