Bud, Not Buddy Jeopardy (Chapters 1-8)

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SWBAT cite evidence through a Jeopardy-inspired game about the book Bud, Not Buddy.

Big Idea

Students will use an interactive online Jeopardy game to cite evidence in answering text-based questions about the complex literary text Bud, Not Buddy (chapters 1-8) by Christopher Paul Curtis.


1 minutes


4 minutes

On yesterday, my scholars closed the lesson by writing 5 questions they would ask Bud if they were given the opportunity.  I allow them to share and discuss some of those questions.  I explain to my scholars that today we will build upon yesterday's lesson by playing a Jeopardy-inspired game about chapters 1-8 of the book Bud, Not Buddy.  This is a very effective way for me to scaffold and reinforce student learning.


45 minutes

I begin by dividing students into 2 separate teams and explain to them that in answering the questions in this Jeopardy-inspired game, they will be required to cite evidence from the book Bud, Not Buddy to answer text-based questions for chapters 1 - 8.  For those students who have never played Jeopardy, I explain to them that they may select a square anywhere on the game board and read the given the answer.  They must respond in the form of the question for the answer.  The winning team will receive treats!  Let's get started! (Click here to play Bud, Not Buddy Jeopardy Chapters 1-8.)


10 minutes

I tell my scholars that I know they enjoyed playing the Jeopardy-inspired game. To close the lesson, I ask them to take 10 minutes to write a 5 sentence summary using our written summary formula for a chapter of their choice between chapters 1  - 8 in Bud, Not Buddy.

Homework:  Students are to read chapters 12 - 14 in Bud, Not Buddy.

(Please be sure to continue the Bud, Not Buddy two week unit with the next lesson - Write an opinion text which explains your own Rules for Survival using the book Bud, Not Buddy as a guide.)