Parent Functions

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SWBAT sketch and name the graphs of basic parent functions.

Big Idea

Students organize their prior knowledge of basic functions while learning some calculator basics.

Warm-up: Technology Prep!

10 minutes

Today is the first day that my students will begin using their ActivExpression Personal Response Systems. I often refer to them as “clickers.” I love that these clickers help keep all of my students engaged at all times and give me so many opportunities for formative assessments of my students learning at any point in the lesson.



Since this is the first time my students will be using these devices, I am going to allow for some time at the beginning of class for students to get used to them and for any technical difficulties or dead batteries. I also will do a few quick polls of fun things just to give students a chance to play. I may ask questions like what is your favorite TV show? Or what is your favorite thing about Camelback High School? Questions unrelated to math, just to get them used to the clickers.

Also, if allowing students to use calculators today...this will be a good time to model a few of the basic operations of the graphing calculator. This year my students will be using the new Ti-Nspire CX calculators. So these are definitely going to be new and different to my students so the kids will also need time to ‘play’ with these.

                     Nspire CX calculator

Today, I plan to just model how the basics of these calcualtors work. Mainly, showing students the two scratchpads. Today, they will need to be comfortable graphing. So I will go over shortcuts like ctrl+g to get the graphing bar and ctrl+t to get the table. Also, some students find the shortcut doc+b helpful to clear the screen. I will also model the non-shortcut apporaches to these, i.e. using the menu button to find what they need.


Closure: Clicker Questions

5 minutes

On pages 2-6 of the flipchart there are 4 Clicker Questions to check students current understandings of parent functions. I am going to be sure to emphasize to my students that this is what they were supposed to learn today. These are the types of questions they should now be able to answer after completing today’s activity.