Parabola Problem Partner Critiques

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SWBAT graph parabolas from both vertex form and standard form.

Big Idea

A silent board game helps students recall how to complete the square then students critique the work of others in the AB partner activity.

Warm-up: Silent Board Game

15 minutes

To start class today and help students warm up, we are going to do a Silent Board Game. The directions for a Silent Board Game are on page 2 of the Flipchart. The problem is Page 3.

I predict that the game will take about 10-15 minutes. I think it is valuable to have students persevere through the task. In a silent board game, the teacher isn’t supposed to step in and help at all, other than erasing incorrect work and leaving correct work. Today, I may need to step in to help students factor out the 25 from the y and y squared terms. In a case like this, I normally let three students come up and do it incorrectly and then I will step in to help.

I may also give some feedback as I erase. Things like, “we can’t do ____ because _____.” I actively support students who take the risk to struggle in front of the class. I believe many other students probably wanted to make the same move. It is important to see it on the board. However, time management is important. When I start to feel time is being wasted, I step in and give a hint to help the problem solving process keep moving.

Brain Dump: Parabolas

5 minutes

To help students recall all of things that they know about parabolas, I ask students to text in one fact they know about parabolas. I encourage them to identify facts that they can use to solve problems with parabolas. I allow students to take out their Parabolas Summary sheet from yesterday and text in some facts from it if they are unable to work from memory.

After a few minutes, I will do a word seed on the Flipchart (p.4). I will dump all the responses and quickly review them as a class. I will make sure to highlight the different forms for the equation of a parabola and how we can use them.

AB Partner Activity

25 minutes

Closure: Which form and when?

5 minutes

If there is time, I want students to complete a Cliff Notes, Jr. summarizing their knowledge of the different forms of quadratic equations and when we should use each form. I encourage students to make something that would be helpful on a test. Who knows? I may even let them use it on the test.

I am not sure if I will be able to accomplish this today. Ultimately, I would rather have students spend more time debriefing their critique of each other’s work.



Assign Homework 4 - Conic Sections for homework tonight.