Finding the Area Review and Assessment

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SWBAT find the area of rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, and trapezoids by using formulas or by composing into rectangles or triangles.

Big Idea

Practicing how to prep for an assessment is a skill needed throughout their education.


15 minutes

As a whole group we will be going over our study guide for the area quiz today.  Students were given the study guide as homework.  Before checking it over, I like to give the students time to do a quick self check.  I have them get out their notes from each lesson and they are instructed to use them to check their own work.  I will be giving them 5 minutes to do this.  I also like kids to do a self check because some students may not have finished or they got stuck and stopped.  This will give them time to finish and use their notes. Plus, it is good modeling to show them that using their notes can also help them study for a test.

The problems on the study guide are similar to the test.  There are 14 problems for them that range from finding area, applying it to real life, and then working backwards to find missing side lengths.  All problems assess their understanding of how the formula works.  If students forget the formula, they can use square units or break the shapes into rectangles or triangles to solve.

Before going over the questions, it may also be a good idea to allow them time to check with a partner. They can do a HUSUPU to find a partner and talk about the way they solved each problem.  While students talk strategy, they are implementing MP3 and MP6.

Tools:  Study guide

Around the Room

25 minutes

Students will be using an Around the Room to review for their test.  This is a partnered activity that has them up and moving around while trying to solve area problems. For this activity, I will be using either face partners or shoulder partners to work with.  The reason for this is because the students are mixed ability at their tables.  This will partner students up that can best help each other out.  There will never be a high student helping a low student as this ends up being one person doing the work.

Each problem will help them prepare for their quiz

There are a few problems I will be watching for as students will most likely struggle with these.

Question 5:  The question is asking the students to draw a diagonal to break the trapezoid into triangles and then figure out the area.  Students will need to use one diagonal to incorporate the height (MP1).  If they use the other diagonal it may confuse them.  

Question 9:  Students should draw a picture to help them solve this problem.  It isn’t an area problem, but they do need to understand what it means to center a picture on a wall.

Question 10: Students will need to know that north means up and west means left.  By drawing a picture, the students will be able to see that north and west are perpendicular or form the right angle which will indicate the base and height of the triangle.

Question 13: Students will need to understand that when figuring out this problem, they will need to be in all inches or all feet.  This is a great problem for them to make sense of the numbers (MP2) 

Question 14:  The students are asked to find the least number of bags of seed needed to cover a lawn that is the shape of a trapezoid.  The square footage of the yard is 64.  The problem says that each bag covers 6 square feet of lawn.  So, the answer is 10.66666 bags.  Students will need to know that it is not possible to buy that many bags, so the answer would be 11 bags, 10 bags would not be enough.

While students are working in pairs on the Around the Room, I will be walking around, checking for understanding. My focus will be on the questions listed above.

Tools:  ATR questions

Quiz + Closure

40 minutes

The students will be finishing class today with a quiz over area of triangles, rectangles, parallelograms and trapezoids.  The quiz will cover material from class and their review.  Students should be well prepared for the quiz.  If students do not do well on the quiz, I will be pulling them in for re-teach during our 40 minute enrichment time.  They can re-take the quiz if needed.

Tools: Area quiz