Algebra II Jeopardy

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SWBAT apply mathematical skills to successfully complete algebraic challenges involving Common Core algebraic content

Big Idea

Play Jeopardy to fill those odd days before break or during homecoming week with meaningful mathematical activities like this Jeopardy game.

Rules and Materials

5 minutes

This lesson is really set up for any day that you need something interesting and engaging for your students that has good mathematical content, but can stand alone, separate from any specific unit.  This is a Jeopardy-style game that works well with small groups or large - I've used it with six students and also with a class of 32 (we had four teams of five and rotated players after every five questions).  You will need to be able to project the PowerPoint for class viewing, but it works well just using a computer and LCD projector or TV.  Before class I arrange the desks into however many teams I want to have for the day, but you could have your students do this at the beginning of class instead.  If you have access to quizbowl buzzers or some other electronic student response system I recommend using that system to reduce arguments about which student raised their hand first!  Once everything is set up, I randomly assign teams and review the basic rules then begin play.

Game On!

45 minutes

This game is played like Jeopardy, with individuals or teams earning points for correct answers and losing for incorrect answers.  Although it's a game, it also includes problems requiring reasoning, calculation, and comprehension. (MP1, MP2, MP6)  As your students play, beware that the noise and energy levels in your room may increase!

Wrap It Up

5 minutes

If there is time at the end of the game, I ask my students to pair-share what topics they think they need to study more based on the game.  As they talk I listen and make note of what they think their weaknesses are so I can ascertain if we truly need to revisit some of those topics.