Show Your Stuff Day 1 of 2

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SWBAT will demonstrate understanding of building functions by successfully completing a content-based project.

Big Idea

Let your students show how well they understand building and transforming functions by creating a study guide for classmates.

Project Day

45 minutes

For this two-day performance assessment I have students work in teams to design a study guide for functions.  I explain in my video why I chose this type of assessment for this unit.  Because this is a project-based assessment I allow students to choose their partner giving them ownership as well as less reason to complain about someone not doing their share.  The project rubric allows student to use their creativity and imagination to decide what style they want to produce review material that they themselves might want to use.  In explaining the Study Guide Rubric I make sure students understanding the project deliverables, timeline and presentation expectations.  After a brief check for understanding I allow students the remaining class time for working on the project. (MP2, MP4, MP6)

Depending on your teaching style and class needs this may feel too unstructured for you or some of your student. If that is the case you might a) chunk the study guide by components and check on a new component roughly every ten minutes and/or b) ask your students to storyboard (outline) their study guide first. If you choose the latter I would define a specific time to complete the outline so that there is enough time to work on the actual product in class.

While my students are working I walk around offering encouragement and assistance as needed.  If I find a team struggling to begin I might use one of the two organizational strategies above to help them get on track.  I might also ask questions like "What kind of study guide do you want to make?" or "Do you want to make a foldable study guide, a poster, notecards, a page of notes, or something else?"


Wrap It Up

5 minutes

In the last five minutes of class I remind my students that they will have the first 30 minutes of class tomorrow to finish their guide and plan who will talk about what, since both team members need to speak.  I encourage them to take materials home if they want, but say there will be no time extensions for forgotten study guides!