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SWBAT demonstrate understanding of analyzing and interpreting functions by participating in team review of the material.

Big Idea

If you ever feel like the studying and the testing are in parallel universes, try this lesson where students work collaboratively through a guided review.

Set the Stage

5 minutes

I begin this lesson by acknowledging that we've covered a lot of new material in this unit.  That lets my students know that I understand they may be feeling a bit overwhelmed as they reflect back over what we've done.  I explain that we won't be adding any more material today, that instead they will be reviewing practice problems similar to what what they've already worked, as discussed in my video.  I then explain that there will be a 2-day test format for this unit: day one with a test that students self-check the same day and day two a more traditional test that I will grade.  I assure them that I will explain the testing in more detail tomorrow and encourage them to take full advantage of working in teams to study today.



Put It Into Action

40 minutes

Today is not about teaching new material, it's about helping my students organize and study all the material we've already covered in this unit.   I tell them that they will be working in randomly assigned teams of 3-4 to go over the review problems, helping each other with the difficult ones but each working on their own worksheet. 

I explain that there are several sections, each one with its own set of bold instructions, that represent the lessons we've covered, but that they may not want or need to work every problem in every section.  Because this is a long unit, I encourage them to really reflect on what lessons they need more work on and which they understand well already.  At this point some students will claim to understand it all and not need a review, while others will exclaim that they don't understand any of it!  Reminding all my students that this is a collaborative review, I suggest that the "experts" work at least one problem from each section and be prepared to help their teammates understand each section.  I advise those who are feeling overwhelmed to focus on just one problem in each section initially, to help them see what they actually do understand and where they need to put most of their effort.

I distribute the Retrospective Review, ask if there are any questions, and tell them they have about 30 minutes for this assignment.   (MP1, MP2)  As they work I walk around offering encouragement and assistance as necessary.  There always seems to be at least one team that gets stuck on each section, so I stay busy making suggestions and asking leading questions to put them back on track.  When everyone is done or after about 30 minutes, I go over the answers and let them check their work.

Wrap It Up

5 minutes

I close this lesson by giving each student a notecard and asking them to write one question about a term or concept they still don't fully understand.  This gets them thinking about what they understand and what they don't which helps them decide where to put their study efforts.  It also gives me some insight into what my students are still struggling with, especially if several students ask very similar questions.