School Tool Box: Introducing the Interactive Student Notebook (left side- right side)

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SWBAT explain the difference between the left and right side activities in an Interactive Student Notebook.

Big Idea

The Interactive Student Notebook will be a "tool box" for students to refer to as well as a place to house and show their learning.

A Look at the Tools

5 minutes

This is the second of a two day lesson.


Before you begin this portion of the lesson, know what your first left side/ right side activities will be so you can have them done to show as a model.  

Review yesterday's lesson by using the Smartboard file in the resource section.  The first slide of the file, requires students to place the correct descriptions in a table with the correct category- either unit or title or Interactive Notebook.  (Smartboard- slide 1)

After reviewing and making sure students understand those parts, have them open their notebooks to a two page spread and tell them that today we are moving on to the pages that will show their learning- the left side/ right side activities.  




Loading More Tools (Left Side/ Right Side)

20 minutes

Before this lesson occurs, know what your left side, right side activities are going to be and have them already done in your notebook.  You can't have too much modeling when it comes to left side- right side activities.  

Show your two page spread under the document camera or just holding it up if you don't have an ELMO.  Explain to the students that their notebook should ALWAYS be open to a two page spread and that folding the notebook back will only cause confusion and might even cause them to do their work on the wrong side or page.  

Using the Smartboard lesson, be sure students understand that the left side is content driven- or teacher- driven even.  Tell them that the left side is the teaching part like a chapter in a book or a teacher's lecture and the right side is like a fun project or the place they get to show what they have learned.(Smartboard slide 2).

Above all, be sure the students understand that whatever they do on the left side will be the same in everyone's notebook.  It's the right side that gives them choice and creativity and will be different than everyone else's.  It's really the right side that interests you.  

Lesson Wrap Up

10 minutes

After the Smartboard lesson, make sure there are no more questions and allow students to complete the exit ticket.  

Collecting the exit ticket will allow you to gauge what activities your students may enjoy and will also give you information of their understanding of left side/ right side activities.