Breaking the Code: Understanding Good Reader Strategies (Right Side Activity)

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SWBT name, define and represent the good reader strategies in a foldable in their Interactive Student Notebooks.

Big Idea

Being able to read and understand both fiction and nonfiction texts is not a magic trick.

Review the Secrets

5 minutes

This lesson will begin with a review of previously learned material.  With my gameshow persona, I sit at the front of the class and use the cards from the magic hat to review.  I pull a card (Predict/ Preview, Question, Visualize/ Infer, Make Connections, Summarize, Evaluate) and have students call out the word.  I then choose a student to give the definition of the word that was pulled.  We continue until all words are reviewed.  


Students will then take out their Interactive Student Notebooks and open to the What Do Good Readers do KWL chart.  This was the previous left side activity.  The right side activity will begin with students making a foldable.

Here Comes the Magic (Right Side)

30 minutes

After making sure that each student has folded, cut and glued their foldable into the notebook correctly, they should use their notes as well as information from class discussion and their own background knowledge to complete the it.  

One thing that is extremely helpful while using Interactive Student Notebooks is to MODEL MODEL MODEL.  I use my ELMO so students can see exactly what I'm doing and they can do it with me.  

On the outside flaps they should record each strategy (Predict/ Preview, Question, Visualize/ Infer, Make Connections, Summarize, Evaluate).  On the inside flaps, they should record what that strategy means to them.  

At this point, we want the Interactive Student Notebook to be a tool for the students' learning so the definitions need to be meaningful for each student.  The definition needs to be phrased in a way they will remember.  In the same manner, the visual representation they draw needs to work in the same way.  

Give students sufficient time to complete their foldable.  Students who finish early can color their pictures and can also decorate their foldable.

Lesson Wrap Up

5 minutes

After all students complete their foldable, they complete an exit ticket so they can gauge their own understanding of the strategies and so they can take the next steps in increasing their knowledge.