Ongoing Assessment during the Scientific Notation Unit

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SWBAT to test their understanding of scientific notation and reflect on ways to master the topic

Big Idea

We can help students by giving assessments that are both summative and formative.

How I assess progress during this unit?

60 minutes

Behind every lesson and moment of teaching in this unit, I keep the types of assessment questions I ask at the back of my mind. I keep these questions in this document: Scientific Notation Question Types.pptx

This is not a secret document. It is something I share with students and families from the moment I start the unit. When I create an assessment, I simply change the numbers, subjects and wording of each question. I want students to understand the types of questions they are expected to answer and want them to think about how to best approach these challenges. 

It is also important that we never drop these questions. As we move into other units, I always find ways to return to these questions. I include them on major assessments (which can get longer as the year progresses), but I also include them on homework assignments, exit tickets and other mini-assessments. 

These questions are meant for a summative assessment, but I do allow students to fix their mistakes via quiz corrections. I am always altering the format and methodology to quiz corrections, but here is the general idea: