Polyominoes Investigation

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Students will persevere to identify patterns in longest and shortest perimeters given a fixed area.

Big Idea

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! Students may not always get the answer right away, so this lesson is about the art of perseverance!


10 minutes

Opener: I start the year off with order :)  I want students to get into a routine and good habits, so I actually start with an opener on day 2! See my video clip on Instructional Strategy - Process for openers for information on how those are run in my class! Openers are a great way to incorporate mathematical practice 3, critiquing the reasoning of others, as I encourage students to work as table groups to talk through problems and help one another.


45 minutes

Introduction to Mathematical Practices:  To get into this lesson, I will first have a conversation with the students about the mathematical practices - what they are, what they mean, etc.  I have them posted around my smartboard in "kid-friendly" language.  For example, mp 1 is "I can solve a problem without giving up." I go over each practice and what it really means for the students and how they can expect to see it used in my class.  Kid Friendly Mathematical Practices Posters

Polyomino Investigation:  Polyomino Investigation Explore Video


5 minutes

Table Discussion: To summarize this lesson, I have the students look at the 8 kid-friendly mathematical practices posted around my smart board and determine which of those they think were a part of today's lesson, and why.  I will draw cards and have 2 different tables share out to the whole group. Instructional Strategy - Table Discussion.wmv