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SWBAT use mathematical practices to solve rigorous word problems that involve proportional reasoning.

Big Idea

Students will dive into the common core using to solve rigorous word problems involving proportional reasoning.

Bell Ringer

10 minutes

Bell Ringer:  Hand out the problem for today’s lesson to each student as they walk into the classroom. (Problem 9) Instruct students to have 10 minutes of Individual Think Time. During this time students will practice MP 1, 2, 4, and 6.  Students should pull out important information from the problem, decide on a starting point, and begin the thought process in solving the problem.  Look for evidence of student thinking.  Students should box or highlight important information from the problem and begin to solve for the correct answer using the designated important information.

Student Activity Part 1

10 minutes

Student Activity Part 1: Give students 10 minutes of Pair Up Time.  Students should pair up with their designated team or partner and discuss what they did during I.T.T (Individual Think Time) .  Students should practice MP 3 heavily during this time.  Students should explain their thinking to one another and decide who is on the correct path in solving the problem correctly.  If all students in the discussion are on the correct path and using different strategies, students should discuss how this is possible and what the final response will be. 

Studnet Activity Part 2

10 minutes

Student Activity Part 2: Gather the students into a whole group to discuss the correct answer and correct process.  Use this site is common core aligned.  You will click on Astro and listen to the strategy he used, and then click on Jake and listen to his strategy.  This site immerses the students into literacy across the content area as well.  Once you have listened to both strategies and responses, ask the students to compare their thinking to that of Jake and Astro.  Have the students choose the person who they feel is correct in their strategy and response. 

Whole Group Discussion/Direct Instruction

5 minutes

Whole Group Discussion: Using the smartboard, go through the correct process in solving the problem.  Be sure all students are aware of the mistakes they made, and why they made the mistakes.  Have students correct their work. 

Exit Ticket

5 minutes

Exit Ticket:  Click on the Kids Talk section of the page once you have answered the following question.  Have students discuss the two student submissions.  Ask students what they feel their common trend was within the class in answering this question.  Have students evaluate their class as a whole using the feedback from the two submissions they analyzed.  Students should submit as their exit ticket to you, one common mistake the majority of the students did when solving this problem, why they feel the mistake was made, and what they learned after going through the correct process.