First Day of School

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Students will use a graphic organizer to display commonalities and differences amongst them.

Big Idea

Getting to know each other - in a nerdy way! This Venn Diagram revisits a classic graphic organizer while allowing children to get to know each other.


15 minutes

Letter to Students and Parents: Opening Day Launch Summary


30 minutes

Venn Diagram:  As a way for me to get to know the students better, as well as them getting to know each other, I have students create a Venn Diagram.  Not only a fun activity, but it actually introduces the students to an important mathematical tool, the compass. (mathematical practice 5).  I give students a brief demonstration on how to use a compass, and some helpful tips - like spinning the paper, not the compass - making sure to use a pencil to begin.  Students persevere until they are able to successfully draw one circle to represent each person at their table, circles overlapping to form a Venn Diagram.  The rest is fun!  Students talk to one another to discover commonalities and differences between them, filling in the Venn Diagram as they go. 


15 minutes

Presentations:  As a way to summarize this lesson, and to share out, I have each table go to the front of the room and share some highlights from their Venn Diagram.  I don't ask that they share every detail, as that would take forever, but I ask that they share at least one item from each section of the diagram.