Review of Pretty Polygons

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SWBAT identify and explain key concepts learned in pretty polygon unit including finding the sum of interior angles, and proving properties of parallelograms.

Big Idea

Students will lead the class discussion as they complete, present and critique each other's parallelogram proofs.

Do Now

10 minutes

Student Presentations on Proofs

40 minutes

Students will present their proofs from the previous lesson, Calling All Quads Again, and will analyze the work of their peers (MP1, MP3 and MP7).  This lesson provides the time for students to truly discuss and dig deeply into more complex ideas relating to parallelograms and proofs.  These new complex ideas often require students to know the properties of each quadrilateral and then asks students to apply this knowledge using a proof or with coordinate geometry. 

Instead of presenting to the whole class, students can also present in a round-robin style, whereby, each group presents to another group and then reciprocates.  This allows for students to practice their presentation and also get feedback from multiple people, while also giving all students a chance to have an active voice in class while providing a critical lense to their peers. 

Review Problems/Homework

20 minutes

After students have completed their presentations, students work on these problems which review content for students of the entire unit.  If time remains in class, you can check answers with students and/or take questions.  Alternatively if the presentations take more time this can be used as a homework assignment to prepare students for the summative assessment.