First Week of School, Day 3

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SWBAT understand the importance of rules and procedures in the classroom.

Big Idea

Students read a poem to see the importance of class rules and behaviors.


12 minutes

The class will read a poem about respect.  We will discuss the poem’s words and their meaning.  I will ask questions like: How would you define respect? What does it mean to be respectful in the classroom? I will lead the discussion into how respect and rules are connected.


Respect by David Harris 

 If we can not respect another

How can we expect them to respect us

If we can not respect someone’s beliefs

How can we expect them to respect ours

If we can not respect others

How can we expect respect in return

If we can not respect others

How can we expect respect in return

Everyone expects respect

No matter who they are

The only way to gain it

Is to start treating everyone

As a friend, a brother, a sister

As part of our extended family

Only then you will start to get

The respect you so dearly crave


Small Group Work

15 minutes

The purpose of this activity is for students to think and develop ideas about classroom rules. Rather than just state the classroom rules to students, I feel it is helpful for students to engage in a word association activity that will lead to a better appreciation of the rules.

 I will separate students into groups of 3 or 4, based on their alphabetical seating.  Then I will explain the steps of the activity.

1.  Students will work together to write down all of the words that they can think of that begin with the letter "r" that relate to classroom rules.  Give students a few examples: rights, respect, ...

2.  Students will work with two "equations":  r – r = r  and   r + r = r.  Students will use their list of words to come up with expressions that might fit the equations.  Emphasize to the students that the equations should make sense.  For example: respect + rewards = rules  or rules – respect = rebellion.

Note:  Please keep in mind that these "equations" are not algebraic equations.  


Whole Class Share Out

13 minutes

Groups will share their equations with the class.  I will follow the share out with reading aloud the classroom rules.  These rules are also posted in the classroom during the year for students to refer back to.


1.  Follow directions the first time they are given.

2.  Bring required materials everyday.

3.  No calling out.

4.  Listen when your teacher or classmate is talking.

5.  Refrain from eating, drinking, and chewing gum in the classroom.

6.  Use polite speech and body language.

7.  Remain in your seat, unless otherwise permitted.

8.  Respect all  people and their property. 



Lesson Summary

5 minutes

We will discuss any questions/comments about the rules.  At this point, students are usually very clear about the rules and what is expected of them.  Although, sometimes there are questions, such as "Is it o.k. if I drink water in class?"