Fat or Flat?

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SWBAT tell if a shape is 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional.

Big Idea

The physical world is an exciting place for kindergarteners! They describe their physical world using geometric ideas, so learning about 2- and 3- dimensional shapes develops essential understandings and vocabulary.

Daily Calendar & Counting Review

20 minutes

Each day we begin our math block with an interactive online calendar followed by counting songs and videos.

Calendar Time:

We do calendar on Starfall every afternoon.  This website has free reading and math resources for primary teachers. It also has a  “more” option that requires paying a yearly fee. The calendar use is free. A detailed description of Daily Calendar math is included in the resources.

Counting with online sources: Today we did counting practice to reinforce the counting skills. We watched two to three number recognition 0-10 videos (one to two minutes each) because some of my students students were still struggling with identifying numbers correctly in random order. We watched "Shawn the Train" and counted objects with him to refresh our memories on how to count objects to ten and to reinforce one to one counting. Since we have started the second quarter of the school year, we added to today's counting practice: counting to 20 forward and back, counting by tens to 100 and counting to 100 by ones to get a jump on our end of the year goals.

Review What We Know

10 minutes

Sing along with Harry Kindergarten's 2D Shapes I Know. Review 2D shapes already learned: circle, triangle, square, rectangle (class generated chart from yesterday's lesson).

The Hunt Begins!

20 minutes

We discussed what makes a shape 2d or 3d. Identify the 2d shapes and color them all the same color. Watch "3d Shapes I Know" then identify the 3d shapes on the circle map and color them another color. We then created our 2D and 3D shape chart.

I then had the kids go on a 3d hunt in the room. We were able to find examples of 3d shapes everywhere. We took up a collection of objects and went over them, identifying what kind of 3d shape they were. We had a globe, pencil cup, megaphone, ball, blocks, and a ton of other items. The kids did a great job identifying what kind of 3d shape each was.

Each student was given a 3D shape book and was asked to draw the things they saw that matched the 3D shape on each page.

Exit Ticket

10 minutes

Once the students complete their 3D shape book, each table is given a basket of 2D and 3D shapes to sort. Once the table successfully sorts the 2D and 3D shapes, each student is given a cut and paste sorting page as an exit ticket.

Students complete a 2D and 3D picture sort, cut, and paste. As students turn them in, I pull any kids I saw struggling with the concept into a small group and work with 2D and 3D shape manipulatives while the rest of the class did the extension activity.


10 minutes

Instruct students to build 2D and 3D objects using a variety of Geoblocks. Provide them with a list of pertinent vocabulary that you will be listening for as they share their creations with friends at their table. They can earn points and prizes for using the appropriate vocabulary.