Radical Putt-Putt

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SWBAT participate in a mini golf course and put their prior knowledge of radicals to the test in a class scramble!

Big Idea

An out-of-your seat and active golf scramble!

Radical Golf Course Holes - Par for the Course!

5 minutes

Every once in a while, especially during the long winter weeks, I like to spice things up a little bit for my students.  At the start of this new unit, I like to see what skills they have retained involving radicals and solving radical equations.  Prior to class I set up stations around the classroom with posted problems, an occasional example, a cup taped to the wall serving as the hole, and a golf putter.  Now, just add groups of students and the math-golf-scramble is underway!

Math Scramble!

25 minutes

Concluding Discussion

10 minutes

To conclude class, we place each team's score (how many hole in one's they made) on the board to crown a winner.  After this, I take time to discuss with the students what I observed during the activity.  I mention stations that the students performed well at, and also stations that will require us to learn additional information.  After rotating the room and being involved in conversations throughout the period, I have a great gauge of the students entry knowledge of radicals... and it has been a lot of fun!