100 Students Project: Project Reflection

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SWBAT: • Reflect on their learning during the 100 Students Project. • Participate in a group discussion about the project and their video.

Big Idea

What message did you find in your class video? What did you learn from this project? How can this project be improved for next year? Students watch their 100 Students video and reflect on their learning during the project.

Do Now

8 minutes

See the Do Now video in my strategy folder to see my beginning of class routines.  Often, I create do nows that have problems that connect to the task that students will be working on that day.  Today I want students to think about the survey data they analyzed and whether or not they were surprised.  This will serve as a warm up for the writing that students will do later in the lesson.

I ask students to raise their hand and share one of their observations or questions. 

Watching the Video

15 minutes


  • Before this lesson, I compile and edit each class’ video.
  • I also invite other teachers, administrators, parents, and school personnel to watch the video. 

I call on students to talk about the Miniature Earth video and our video.  I also call on students to describe the process that they went through to create, revise, and administer the survey and then analyze the results.

We watch the video and I ask students and visitors to jot down notes on their observations and things that stood out.   After the video, I give the guests an opportunity to share observations or questions.  I tell students how proud I am of all of their hard work and effort! 


Independent Writing

10 minutes


  • Before this lesson, I create groups of 3-4 that include students who worked on different survey questions.  I create a quick list of these groups and where they will meet.

I show students their groups for the next part of class.  Students take their packet and pencil and move into groups.  I explain that for the next 10 minutes they are going to think and write about the reflection questions.  We are going to have a group and class discussion and this will help students think about their ideas and opinions before we share out with each other. 

As students write, I walk around and monitor student progress.  

Group and Class Discussion

24 minutes


  • During the independent writing time, I put a post it on each student’s desk.  In a group, students will have a post-it that has a number 1-4 (or 1-3 for a group of 3 students).

I explain that for each question, students will have 2 minutes to discuss it with their group.  During this discussion I expect each person to participate.  If a student has not participated in the discussion of a question, I encourage group members to ask that student what he/she thinks.  Then we will discuss the question as an entire class for 2 minutes.  For some of the questions, I will call out a number and the students with that number on their post it will share what their group members talked about it.  Students are engaging in MP3: Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

I want students to feel that their voice is being heard.  I also want to encourage students who do not volunteer as much to share.  By incorporating small group and whole group discussion I can accomplish these goals.


8 minutes

For the Closure I ask students what questions they have after analyzing the data and creating the video.  I call on student to share out their questions. 

Then I pass out the Ticket to GoStudents complete the ticket to go independently.