100 Students Project: Presenting Your Findings

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SWBAT: • Finish planning for the presentation of the data from these questions. • Present and record their findings.

Big Idea

Which pieces of data are you going to use in your presentation? Why? How are you going to present your data? Why? Students work in groups to analyze the survey data and plan their presentations.

Do Now

8 minutes

See the Do Now video in my strategy folder to see my beginning of class routines.  Often, I create do nows that have problems that connect to the task that students will be working on that day.  Today I want students to reflect on how they worked with their group in the previous lesson.  I want students to understand that they will have disagreements with group members.  The important thing is how students work through these disagreements in a way that is respectful.

I ask students to raise their hand and share one of their observations and comments. 

Finishing Planning and Recording

44 minutes


  • Before this lesson I will gather the necessary materials in order to record each group.  For example, if a group is performing a skit, I will give them my Flip video to use to record.  If a group is doing a screen cast with power point, I have laptops, microphones, and flash drives to move the video to my computer. 

I have students move into groups.  I ask which groups are ready to present and record.  For the other groups, I ask them how much time they need to finish preparing.  I remind students that we have a lot to accomplish in one class period.  Students need to be on task, flexible, and patient.  I tell students that they will receive a classwork grade as a group. Their group grade will be determined on the amount they accomplish and the manner in which they accomplish it.  If group members are off task and disruptive, that group’s grade for the day will be lowered.

I get the groups the materials they need and I help in recording.  Students are engaging with MP2: Reason abstractly and quantitatively, MP3: Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others, MP5: Use appropriate tools strategically, and MP6: Attend to precision.  For groups who finish preparing and recording (or are waiting to record) they can choose a card game to play together.


8 minutes

For the Closure, I mention positives things that I observed during class and things that I observed that could be improved.  I ask students what kind of instrumental music they want in the background of the video.  Students share ideas and then we vote as a class.    Also I will spend the last few minutes giving students the opportunity to record their questions on post-its and put them on the 100 Students Project Parking Lot Poster.