100 Students Project: Tallying Data and Brainstorming about Presentations

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SWBAT: • Tally and record survey data. • Brainstorm ideas for the presentation.

Big Idea

How will you tally and record the survey data? Why is it important that we are precise during this process? Students work in partners to tally and record the survey data. Then students work in groups to brainstorm ideas for creating a presentation.

Do Now

10 minutes

See the Do Now video in my strategy folder to see my beginning of class routines.  Often, I create do nows that have problems that connect to the task that students will be working on that day.  Today I want students to think about how well it went to conduct the surveys with other classes.

I ask students to raise their hand and share one of their observations or questions.  We go back and forth so that students who conducted the survey can share about their experience and the other students can ask their questions.  

Tallying Data Procedures

10 minutes

We review the tallying data procedures together.  I have these posted on the board while students are working so they can regularly reference them.  I stress to students the importance of accurately tallying and recording data.  They have worked so hard to create an interesting survey, and this step is crucial!  In order for students to make accurate conclusions about our student population, the data must be accurate.  I tell students that if they are unsure about something during this process to talk it over with their partner.  If they still have a question they should check in with me and we can trouble shoot together.

I ask students to take a minute to jot down things they need to keep in mind while they are tallying and recording the data.  Students participate in a Think Write Pair ShareI call on students to share out their ideas.

Tallying and Recording the Data

20 minutes


  • Before this lesson, I update the Sample Data Recording Sheet to include the survey questions and the exact answer choices.
  • Before this lesson, I create a Google Doc for partners to record their tallied data.
  • Before this lesson, I put students into groups of 2 for tallying and recording data.  For each partner pair, I give them a folder with the Data Recording Sheet and surveys.  Because of the number of students at my school, each partner pair will be responsible for tallying and recording 6 surveys.

Students move to work with their partner and they collect their materials.  As students work, I walk around and monitor student progress and behavior.  Students are engaging in MP6: Attend to precision.

Once partner pairs have finished tallying their data they go to a computer and enter their data on the Google spreadsheet.  I have partner pairs check in with me when they are finished entering their data, so I can check over their work.  They put their Data Recording Sheet back into the folder with their tallied surveys and turn it in.

If students finish this task early, they can choose a Card Game to play with their partner.

Brainstorming about Presentations

20 minutes


  • Before this lesson, I put students into groups of 3-4 students.  Each group will present on the data from 2-3 survey questions.
  • For each group I fill out a “Brainstorming for the Presentations” sheet with their names and the questions they will be focusing on.
  • Each group will need 1-2 blank copies of the survey so they can review their questions.

Once students are finished tallying and recording their data I explain that they will spend the next chunk of time brainstorming for how they want to present the data on their group’s questions.  I explain that although they don’t have the data yet (they will receive it in the next lesson), they can think about how they want to present their data.  Do they want to write and act out a script?  Do they want to create powerpoint slides as visuals and have group members talk over them?  Are there any visuals they want to use?  What role is each group member going to play?

Students move into their groups and start brainstorming.  Each group is responsible for recording their ideas on the “Brainstorming for Presentations” sheet.  At the end of the time, I will collect these sheets to review and keep for the following lesson.


5 minutes

See the video 100 Students Concept Map.  Also I will spend the last few minutes giving students the opportunity to record their questions on post-its and put them on the 100 Students Project Parking Lot Poster.