Opening Day

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SWBAT identify the groove of the classroom, the classroom environment, classroom norms and expectations, one another, and you.

Big Idea

Students will have fun learning more about their classroom.

Opening Video

Opening of the lesson

20 minutes

Opening of lesson: As students walk into my classroom, I meet them with a huge smile, and a big welcome back.  For the very first day of class, we are going to focus on expectations and a look into who we all are.  There will be a lot of getting to know you activities going on the first day, as well as business to take care of. (i.e. medical information cards, student handbook information read, calendar, etc.)

I allow students to sit anywhere they would like only on the first day.  On the second day, I do assign seats.  I post the agenda on the Smart board and explain the events of the day.  I open the class with a fun short summary of who I am.  I share my family background, how long I have been teaching, 3 fun facts, and 3 goals for the year.  Students will answer questions checking for listening.  Each student will then stand in the front of the room and tell a fun fact summary about themselves.  I will ask the members of the student audience questions to check for listening.  After each student has shared I will take them on a tour of the classroom, explaining the important features of the room.  It is important to have a discussion about the expectations of the classroom, and create a smart board game to play for the next day’s bell ringer to check for retention.  

Business to take Care of!

20 minutes

Middle of the lesson:  Students will complete all forms necessary given by the school to complete.  (i.e student handbook information, classroom contracts, building contracts, identification cards, social networking information card, etc.)

Students will complete a packet that includes Tell Me About Yourself worksheet from,, Learning Goal worksheet, and My Career Goal worksheet both found on Microsoft Word 2010 educational templates.


5 minutes

Closing:  During the closing, discuss the transitions of the day. (i.e period to period, lunch, lockers, end of the day) students should know the buildings expectation of transition from class to class, and in the hallways.  This will be a good time to reiterate classroom expectations, policies, and building expectations.  Prepare students for the transition of the day.  There is a lot to do in such a short time.