Pulling It All Together: Tools of Geometry Unit Review

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SWBAT apply their knowledge of the concepts covered in this unit to a unit review problem set.

Big Idea

Time to pull it all together! Students work cooperatively, applying the concepts of this unit in preparation for the unit test.

Discussion of Homework

15 minutes

I ask that the students work in their groups, comparing answers and discussing the homework problems (MP3).  As the students converse, I walk around the room, listening to their discussions with an ear toward common difficulties. When it appears that all of the groups have covered the entire assignment, I ask if there are any questions or issues on it that anyone would like to discuss, and we go over these as a class.

With regard to questions 3 through 7, I make sure that I pose the question:

Do your answers make sense?

I ask the students to explain to me what is meant by this question, and to explain to me the process by which they should go about answering this question for themselves (MP1).

Quick Review of Constructions

10 minutes

When the students initially walked into the room, I asked that they each take a compass and straightedge to their desks. Now, I hand out the Construction Review worksheet.  The students work in their groups to complete the constructions and discuss their results (MP3 and MP5). When all are finished, I will ask for any questions or comments, and review the definitions of angle bisector and midpoint by asking students for the wording of these definitions.

Another Look at the Anticipation Guide

10 minutes

In an earlier lesson students completed an Anticipation Guide.  I ask that the students take this handout from their folders, and that they look over and make any changes to their answers on the true/false questions on the first page.  When all are finished, I ask that students tell me the numbers of the problems in which they needed to change their answers.  I write these numbers down on the board, and allow students to share with the class how their thinking has changed on each of these questions.

We then turn to the back of the Anticipation Guide, and I ask the class to complete the vocabulary section again, checking off how solid they feel in their knowledge of these terms.  I ask if there are any terms that did not get put in the "Know it well, can use it, explain it" column and we discuss those terms as a class.


Unit Review Problem Set

50 minutes

I hand out the Unit Review problem set. I ask my students to work on it and to discuss it within their groups.  I will circulate around the room listening to conversations, but, as always, I insist that students check their work within their group and with other groups, if need be.  If, however, I notice a student struggling with a specific skill or topic, this is an opportunity to work with him or her one-on-one for a few minutes.



Closing: Any Questions about the Unit Test?

5 minutes

As this is the class' first unit test, I anticipate that there will be a fair amount of anxiety.  I ask if there are any questions about the material or about the format of the test.  I remind the students that justification - writing out their work clearly and explaining their reasoning - is and will continue to be an important component of Geometry.  I also revisit the vital importance of drawing a diagram when a diagram is not provided.

I ask the students What is the best way to study for a math test?  Does studying for a math test mean looking at your notes?  I hope to drive home the point that actively doing problems is the only way to really learn mathematics, and suggest that they look through their folders in order to find and rework some of the problems that we've done in this unit.  I also try to reassure them that we have practiced all of the concepts in the unit multiple times and in multiple ways, so that I am confident that their understanding of the material is pretty solid.

Lastly, I remind the class that I am available after school for any last minute questions or review.